Future Directed Therapy® (FDT) was developed by psychologist Jennice Vilhauer over a 5-year period working with real people diagnosed with depression at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center and Emory Healthcare. It is the first and only treatment for depression created using current cognitive science and based on the understanding that the brain operates in a primarily future-oriented way.

How you think about the future is critical to your emotional well-being. Depression can result when you don’t expect enough positive things and Anxiety can occur when you have too many negative expectations. Most people have very little understanding of how their expectations affect how they feel and the life they create. As a result, they are operating in a default mode often recreating the past over and over without even realizing it. FDT was developed using the latest neuroscience on future thinking. If you’ve ever wanted an instruction manual for how your brain really works, this course if for you. 

Research shows FDT can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as improve quality of life.

The FDT 4-step depression  program is taught online in 12 skill-based group sessions with one-to-one coaching so you can work on applying the skills to your individual life circumstances. 

Some of what you’ll learn in the course includes:


How to think about the future in a way that will improve the how you feel instead of causing distress or anxiety


The basic psychological process by which you create your future with your thoughts and behaviors


How to overcome obstacles that usually get in the way of change


An advanced set of skills based on the latest cognitive neuroscience, that will allow you to take charge of your future and feel better

The emphasis in Future Directed Therapy is help you see the blind spots in your own thinking, and to give you a set of skills for how to create more positive experiences and a happier more fulfilling life.

To learn more, click here to watch a FREE life changing 30-minute Masterclass on how FDT can be used to treat depression and improve your quality of life.