Frequently Asked Questions

Is FDT available in my area?
Classes for Future Directed Therapy are currently only available in select areas throughout the country.
What other options are available to improve how I feel?

If you are struggling with depression there are many good treatment options that are widely available and you should seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional who can advise you on what evidence-based treatments are best for you.

These websites should be able to help you find a qualified mental health provider in your area:

The American Psychological Association

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

The American Psychiatric Association

Is there any evidence to support the effectiveness of FDT?

Two studies have been conducted comparing FDT to group based CBT for depression. In both studies the people who participated reported that FDT reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as improving quality of life. For more information please see the article links on the research page.