FDT Worksheets




Get the worksheet for all 12 chapters in one document here.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Worksheet 1.1 Am I Willing?


Chapter 2: The Value of Your Thoughts

Worksheet 2.1 My List of Positive Ways to Redirect My Thinking
Worksheet 2.3 Move Your Thoughts from Point A to Point 
Worksheet 2.3 What Am I Thinking


Chapter 3: Components of the Human Experience

Worksheet 3.1 The Component of My Experience


Chapter 4: Creating New Expectations

Worksheet 4.1 Identifying Future Expectations
Worksheet 4.2 My New Thoughts About My Future
Worksheet 4.3 Changing A Thought Into A Future Expectation
Worksheet 4.4 Changing Distress Into Success


Chapter 5: Overcoming Resistance to New Beliefs

Worksheet 5.1 Identifying Resistance to New Beliefs
Worksheet 5.2 The Story of My Future Life
Worksheet 5.3 Creating Effective Patterns of Thought


Chapter 6: Mindfulness and Meditation

No worksheets

Chapter 7: Knowing What You Value

Worksheet 7.1 Rank Your Values
Worksheet 7.2 My Top Five Life Values


Chapter 8: Setting Your Goals

Worksheet 8.1 Identifying What You Want
Worksheet 8.2 Achieving My Goal
Worksheet 8.3 Creating Goals


Chapter 9: Visualizing Your Future

No worksheets


Chapter 10: Generating Solutions for Success

Worksheet 10.1 Generating Solutions to Obstacles
Worksheet 10.2 How I Spend My Time p.1
Worksheet 10.2 How I Spend My Time p.2
Worksheet 10.3 Self-Assessment of Time Management p.1
Worksheet 10.3 Self Assessment of Time Management p.2
Worksheet 10.4 How I Want To Spend My Time p.1
Worksheet 10.4 How I Want To Spend My Time p.2


Chapter 11: Taking Action

Worksheet 11.1 Six Steps to Action


Chapter 12: Allowing the Future to Arrive

No worksheets