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Future Directed Therapy (FDT) is the first and only treatment for emotional health developed based on the understanding that the brain operates in a primarily future-oriented way. The majority of the actions you take and the emotions you feel are a result of what you expect will occur.  As a result, your life is determined by how you think about the future. To feel good, you need the insight and skills to master your thinking about the future, so you can look forward to life again.

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What clients are saying about the Power to Thrive course

 “FDT is a real eye opener. Anyone who has lived in the shadow of fear should treat themselves to this course.” – Richard, P.

“I now realize the only thing stopping me is me. I now have the tools to get more of what I want, and to abandon thoughts that are not leading me to thrive.” – Kathy, G.

FDT has given me keen insight into the way I operate. I now possess the necessary tools to craft a more desirable future for myself.” – James T.

“I am really learning how to live the life I want and it spills over to feeling better daily.” – Rachel L.


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